Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK) only collects data that is useful to supporting people with OCD, phobias and other related anxiety, to increase awareness of the service it provides and to raise funds to ensure it can continue to maintain its current groups and set up new groups in areas of identified need. Triumph Over Phobia does not and will not sell data to or share data with other organisations or individuals. Paper data will be held securely in lockable filing cabinets. Electronic data will be held in databases that cannot be accessed through open networks.

Data Retention

 Group Members

Triumph Over Phobia holds the contact details of group members on its database to enable it to contact them in line with the information they have given to the charity on the specific area Group Application Form and Registration Form which is completed when someone decides to attend weekly meetings of a group. The information collected through the Fear Questionnaires is to monitor the progress of the individual member. It is collated in an anonymised form for research purposes. The form may be shared with the TOP UK’s medical advisers but under no circumstances will it be sold. TOP UK will not share any data of members unless it considers there is a possible risk of harm to yourself or others. Once someone ceases to be a group member their personal data will be deleted within months of them informing TOP of their decision.

Group Leaders and other Volunteers

TOP UK will keep a data base of the names and contact details of everyone who agrees to become a Group Leader or to undertake voluntary activities on behalf of the Charity. These will be used to arrange training, to monitor the development of groups and to inform both volunteers and Group Leaders of lectures, conferences, fundraising events and other activities that may be of interest to them. This data will not be shared with or sold to any other individuals or organisations. For Group Leaders and other volunteers for whom this is appropriate the records will include their DBS number and the date of its issue.

Friends of TOP UK

Anyone may register to become a Friend of TOP UK. This can be done by completing a paper form or through the Charity’s website. This data will be used to make friends aware of lectures, fundraising events or other activities which may be of interest to them. Group Members, Group Leaders, Volunteers, Trustees, Patrons and Medical Advisers and individual Donors are all automatically Friends of TOP UK by virtue of their actions in supporting the Charity. A Friend may at any time inform the Charity that they wish to cease being a Friend of TOP. Their data will be deleted within 1 month of the Charity receiving this request.

Trustees, Patrons and Medical Advisers

By agreeing to become a Trustee, Patron or Medical Adviser someone is giving their consent for TOP UK to keep a record of their contact details in order to make them aware of meetings, lectures, fundraising events or other activities. When a Trustee, Patron or Medical Adviser indicates that they no longer wish to fulfil this role the Charity will delete their data within I month of receiving notification of this.


The Charity will keep a record of any individual or organisation that makes a grant or gives a donation to the Charity. As with all other data this will be kept securely and not sold to or shared with other organisations or individuals.